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I have had the pleasure of working with some determined young adults who are fairly new to the corporate arena.  While they reign supreme when it comes to the different types of digital technology and all the uses of it, it is interesting to note that a business work ethic seems to be lacking somewhat, perhaps from inexperience or lack of maturity.

Though it is quite common for new generations to drop the “old” and trade it in for the “new” some business ethics cannot afford to be ignored if personal success and business success is the goal.

An illustration of this was noticeable as I witnessed some students who are working part-time plus going to school. In their job, they are providing customer service to many, many people.  When they approach a customer, their interaction can appear to be stoic, (no smiles) and their manner somewhat distracted by the waiting cell phone delivering a new text.  Remember, they aren’t used to face-to-face dialogue, they are used to texting their thoughts, ideas and even manners.

While not knocking the fantastic technology that the world embraces today, I do feel it will necessitate new training modules for young, new to the work-world training.  If we are to have a workforce that mandates great customer service, we will need to also mandate the training that provides this service.  We can always use the tools of technology  to research and show us video’s to train the newbies.  A more viable method would be the one-on-one classroom techniques that the students have been accustomed to.

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