Meet Mary Beth Marino, The Writing Editor

A Service Company

The Writing Editor is a service provided by solo entrepreneur, Mary Beth Marino, a former Newspaper Reporter, Contributing Editor,   Photographer and Freelance Writer. Author of several published articles, Mary Beth’s byline was established early on in life when she was a little girl; she played editor and wrote a newspaper for kids in the neighborhood. Officially, her byline was established when she wrote an article for a national magazine, and it was published with both the title and her name, appearing on the front cover.

Work & Writing History

Mary Beth graduated with a BA in Media Communications and minor in Journalism, with emphasis in Corporate Communications. She has worked for several Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Turner Broadcasting, Georgia Pacific. Following her stint with the newspaper, Mary Beth’s career forged ahead to work in Sales and Marketing. No matter what company or capacity Mary Beth worked in, she was always called upon to write executive letters, proofread, edit work, or write the company newsletters. She has currently added writing, proofing and editing, and web copy to her communications packages. Currently, Mary Beth works at a local TV station as a Help Desk Producer where she does research, writes scripts and web stories and works with a team that helps people in the community at local events.


The Writing Editor wants to help YOU with your writing, editing and proofreading needs. You don’t have to use BIG words to get your point across, and you don’t want to write long sentences or grammatically incorrect papers. We can upsize or downsize your work, put your thoughts in the best light, or proofread your written words. We want YOU to get the credit for those thoughts, or that promotion, or that A+ grade, you have worked so hard for. Let The Writing Editor work with you!